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Reported Post by Betty Boop

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Betty Boop has reported a post.

Reason:Wow! that was a totally uncalled for threat!
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Posted by: Oscar Namechange

Original Content: G#Gill;1469802 wrote: Thank you, and you have a good day as well.

I was passing an opinion and I think I'm entitled to do that aren't I ? If you think about it, leaving that post in it's entirety for all to see just suggests that Forum Garden seems to be condoning the mistake, and that worries me ! It may seem to you that I am 'throwing my weight around' but it is not my intention to be like that, I was only passing an opinion and trying to make it noticed ! I think it is quite important really. You make it sound as if I'm for ever 'throwing my weight around' and 'interfering'. Still I suppose you're entitled to your opinion.

You don't throw your weight around do you ? You don't interfere ? Neither do you pick fights with people. I have noticed all that. Now that is sarcasm.

Have a good Christmas !

While you're assassinating my character, you're overlooking one attribute and that's my ability to keep a confidence. Tell me, how Is your son these days? You keep your own house In order before you pick apart mine.
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Reported Post by Betty Boop

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What she has said has totally shocked and upset me. What a spiteful person she is turning out to be. I also cannot see what has caused such a retort. I shall say no more as this is about me. Thanks BB for noticing her post.
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Reported Post by Betty Boop

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As you say, a direct threat.

I'm giving Oscar a time out of seven days and, given the historic use of Peter's account in such circumstances, I'm extending it to include Peter as well.

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