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I was using my GPS recently and got to thinking of all the GPS use these days, so I decided to check for illustrations of satellites orbiting the planet. This following attachment really tells the story of our dependence on satellites very well.

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I guess Arthur C. Clarke was right when he made predictions (and fiction) about satellites 'way back when.

This wikipedia article gives a partial list of web and phone based apps to show what is going overhead at any time from anywhere you happen to be. List of satellite pass predictors - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Imagine a UFO trying to maneuver through that for a little visit?
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YZGI;1432124 wrote: Imagine a UFO trying to maneuver through that for a little visit?

Yeah, RIGHT! Like some UFO couldn't zerk out a satellite,

and/or run "invisible." :squint:

sarcasm INCLUDED, free of charge!

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