HIV-Nutrition Maintaining Good Health:

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HIV-Nutrition Maintaining Good Health:

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October 19-2005:

TO: Michael Baisden.

From: Derryck S. Griffith


SUBJECT: HIV-STD's & other diseases:

Everything Is Everything!

Hello Michael,

I was listening to your interview/discussion today on the above subject, and I would like to highlight a few things in that regard.

* HIV & AIDS is an immune destructive disease. A cure for HIV has not yet been found.

* HIV like most STD's compromises the immune system.

* The current HIV suppressant medications available cannot cure HIV. What it does, if taken correctly, and according to your physician's directions, can reduce the volume of HIV within the blood stream, thus making it more easy to repair the immune system, and produce more, or increase the lost T4 Cells that boosts your immune system.

* There are several medically and nutritionally recommended things one can do to boost their immune system, and increase their overall health. eg

1. Doctor prescribed 'Multivitamin with Mineral' tablets. (One or two tabs) to be taken daily as needed.

2. Doctor recommended physical exercizes, such as 'strength training' of the arms & legs, squats, abdominals, weight-lifting or resistance training, to build arms and chest.

b. Jogging, fast walking, and any exercise that will help blood circulation and decrease high cholesterol.

3. Herbal medicines are also helpful, but Western Clinical Medicine was taught to most doctors today, and very few are inclined to discuss the herbal alternative. But with a little personal research and persuasion, some doctors are inclined to try some form of holistic medication, under their supervision.

4. Most Black & Latinos do not have medical insurance. Medicaid and ADAPT are accessed to some who qualify, based on a certain annual minimum income. Thus making it a little easier to obtain HIV medications. But proper nutritional practices are a problem in most poor communities.

5. Very few poor families or individuals, without a regular income can afford to adhere to a proper diet. And most HIV cases who are accessing Medicaid, food stamps, and some Social Disability benefit, are not allowed to work gainfully, or earn an income, that is beyond the income they are receiving from Public Assistance, or Welfare assistance.

6. And co-payments are also a factor for people on Medicaid, when accessing their medications from a pharmacy. Some pharmacies insist that you pay the co-pay! Even though The State authorities says that you should not do so, if you cannot afford to.

Not many poor and intimidated HIV Black & Latino (non-English speaking clients), knows this, or will insist upon this right!

6. Therefore, to maintain good health, adhere to the regimen for HIV medications, eat right or nutritionally, can be a very difficult task for many HIV patients. Most of which have other problems, such as Mental Illness, Drug and Substance usage problems, Injection Drug Usage problems, Psychological and Sociological challenges, and a history of homelessness.

Om Shanti.

Derryck S. Griffith

Educator & Advocate.


New York City.

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