Request for reputable online pharmacy.

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Request for reputable online pharmacy.

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Hello all,

I’m new to this forum, and I’m in need of assistance. I hope that it is not a violation of this forum to ask for an online pharmacy referral, if so, I do sincerely apologize.

Due to some unfortunate changes in my employment, I no longer have any health insurance. When I lost my health care benefits, I was no longer able to get regular/common prescription drugs (since I no longer have a doctor that can prescribe them to me). Right now, I’m too proud to go to the Free Clinic for help, but I still can afford to pay for my regular prescription drugs. Though I know that there are many-many-many online pharmacies out there where I can get my needed prescription drugs either in Canada or overseas (without a prescription), but upon hearing about so many horror stories about some online pharmacies (outside of the USA) where you can more easily get the wrong medicine or a watered-down version of the drug you need or questionable drugs or wrong and potentially fatal doses of a drug, I was wondering can anyone recommend a legitimate, reputable, good, and reliable online pharmacy that offers prescription drugs without a prescription?

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Request for reputable online pharmacy.

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HI Glen,

I've been using Canada Pharmacy online for a few years without any problems. They require a Rx from your doctor.

I've been a "clinic nurse" for more then 25 years in a public health clinic in San Francisco that serves many dis-advantaged people and the care peple recieve is great. Don't miss out on health care because you don't understand what is being offered. Go and investigate, give it a chance, you may be pleasantly surprised.


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