Deep Cuts in Medicaid Hangs in the Balance.

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Deep Cuts in Medicaid Hangs in the Balance.

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August 04-2005:


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Subject: "Deep Cuts in Medicaid Hangs in the Balance."

March 10-2005:

Sen. Gregg (R-NH)Rep. Nussle (R-IA)

The chairmen of the House and Senate Budget Committees released their proposals for the Budget Resolution this week, and both proposals call for substantially deeper cuts in the Medicaid program than were recommended by the Bush Administration. The House Budget Resolution calls for $20 billion in Medicaid reductions over five years; the Senate companion proposal calls for $15 billion in reductions over that period. Budget resolutions set broad spending and revenue targets for the coming fiscal year and do not require a presidential signature.

However both draft budget resolutions include so-called reconciliation instructions to implement mandatory spending cuts in Medicaid, which would be binding if the final version of the budget resolution contains such instructions. It is widely believed that the House Budget Resolution will pass easily, and that the opportunity to reduce or eliminate Medicaid cuts lies with the Senate. The HIV/AIDS Community is joining hundreds of organizations that represent Medicaid providers and beneficiaries to call or e-mail their Senators to urge them to oppose cuts to the Medicaid program, and to support any amendment on the Senate floor that eliminates the Medicaid cuts from the budget .


Medicaid is the single largest source of funding for HIV/AIDS care in America. Many people with AIDS depend on it for access to health care. Deep cuts or caps on Medicaid spending will translate into limits on services that are covered including prescription drugs and eligibility cuts that will result in people with AIDS losing their Medicaid coverage.

Please Sign Letter Supporting Increased Funding For Housing Programs For PLWHAs Leaders Agree On Revenue Estimate But Not On Closing the Budget Gap; Insiders Say Pataki Is Losing Politically in This Year's Budget Battles Senate Budget Is Key To Fight Against The Bush Medicaid.

"I am calling to urge you to support any amendment to the Senate Budget Resolution that strikes or reduces the proposed cuts to the Medicaid program. Failure to do so will seriously threaten access to life-saving HIV treatment for my patients with HIV/AIDS." Calls from every state make a difference, but calls are especially needed to the Senators from: Arkansas, Indiana, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon,

Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Utah.


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Deep Cuts in Medicaid Hangs in the Balance.

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