Melanoma Cancer

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Melanoma Cancer

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welcome to you,and i am so sorry to hear about your Mum. i would wish you strength, i have been in the Mom had esophogeal cancer. it was a horrible time.i would get in my car and scream at God. if i can help at all PM me.
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Melanoma Cancer

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eastie_1967 wrote: Sorry was looking for a place to type this...dont know if i got the right thread or not. My mom is dieing from melanoma cancer..doctors removed a large tumor from her brain and it was not the primary spot...later found big tumor and several new ones in tummy...but also has 5 more growing in brain...she just wishes the good lord would take her...does anyone know how long this might go on? Its so cruel to watch her get weaker.Welcome Eastie, i wish it could have been under better circumstances.

I am so very sorry for your mother, yourself and family, this must be a very trying time for all of you.

I dont think anyone can answer your question about how long your mum has, i do hope that she does'nt suffer too much.

Cancer is such a cruel and wicked disease and probably nothing will give you solace right now.

My thoughts are with you xxx
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Melanoma Cancer

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(((((((((eastie))))))))))) so sorry to hear about your mum hun, welcome to the garden, you will find a lot of support here, im sorry i cant give you any facts about time, i wish i could
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Melanoma Cancer

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What a sad and dreadful thing to happen to you and your dear mum, I am sure when I speak for all of us when I say our thoughts and prayers are with you

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