Lengthy Drug Usage Leads to Mental Psychological Illnesses!

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Lengthy Drug Usage Leads to Mental Psychological Illnesses!

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August 18-2009:

Lengthy Drug Usage Leads to Mental & Psychological Illnesses!

I have found personally, that taking or using prescription and non-prescription drugs continually, overtime leads to serious mental and psychological illness and hallucinations. This I found very compelling in myself, ever since I started using prescription drugs to control the spread of a blood bourne disease since 1994.

And I am now convinced that the spate of mental illness in the United States Of America, a culture that indulges in the general use of prescription and non-prescription drugs, is more inclined to be violent, aggressive, self-destructive, competitive, erratic, narcissistic, and emotionally unstable in times of crisis.

My Medical History:

I have never used any recreational drug like marihuana for more than an occasional joint, or a puff or two of a joint of marijuana, on rare occasions. I used or drank vodka or rum also, rarely, or occasionally. And smoked cigarettes occasionally for a few years in my younger years, but ceased completely all of the above in the year 1994, just after I started using prescription drugs, and was told by my doctor that recreational drug use of any kind is detrimental to my general health and well being.

Violent and Frightening Dreams:

I cannot recall having violent dreams while asleep in any general or consistent way. But now I do occasionally. And some of these dreams are so graphic, that I wake up immediately afterwards in ANGER, sometimes after kicking the wall next to my bed, in defense of some personal attack by someone in my dreams.

And this disturbs me greatly. My doctor also told me some time ago, when he prescribed some of these drugs, that they are known to affect individuals in that manner for a while.

Then I suddenly realized the underlying problem here. I believe that subliminally, drugs use (orally or intravenously), alters one's perception of life generally. It distorts reality to the point that you feel like a victim without control of things you would normally have control of. Your perception becomes jaded, and bitterness sometimes ensue. That is why I have found from observation, that many individuals who are chronic drug users (prescription and recreationally), get very verbally abusive, violent, bitter, and self destructive as they move closer to their demise.

HIV Medications Contribute To Mental Illness Too:

Yes, all HIV or H.A.R.T. prescribed medications contribute to these hallucinations or frightful dreams. And if you are using these medications for a number of years continually, you are more likely to suffer mental and psychological problems for sure. If you are in the field of Advocacy or provide services to people living with HIV & AIDS, Drug and Substance users, you would surely have observed these trends.

Some call it mental illness associated with the lack of meaningful employment, or gainful employment, or the loss or inability to work full time, because of the HIV virus infection, and all related issues pertaining to accessing services, housing, employment, and emotional support. And I say all of the above are factors that lead to mental and psychological illness. And it varies from person to person. It all depends on your genetic, psychological history.

Is Their Any Serious Research Being Done In this Regard?

I often wonder about the same thing. And I am not sure if any research was ever seriously done, the target group/s, and if such research is ever taken seriously enough, to warrant a Public Outcry by the HIV & AIDS infected communities, or Providers Of Services to these communities.

And if not, now is the time to do so, on an ongoing basis, and make the findings known to all of the above communities Online, and via the City, State, and Federal Authorities web sites, programs, and providers.

Derryck S. Griffith.

Educator-Advocate & Blogger.

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Lengthy Drug Usage Leads to Mental Psychological Illnesses!

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Great thread. Thankyou.
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