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Hello Avonne...welcome to FG ...i am certain there are many people here who can encourage and offer their experiences, moral support is very important and FG members are the best at that! you'll find friends here. :)
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avonne54, are you 54? weight loss and forums do not get along. I have gained about 4 lbs.. My checkup yesterday revealed i have gained 4 since 03. Thats not bad, but i feel it. Coming here can make you happy or left out, you just need to speak your mind so we can get to know you.

Hello, happy to talk anytime. :-6
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Hiya Avonne welcome to the Garden, i wish you well on your quest to losing weight.

What diet are you on? do you go to a weight loss club? i have to agree with what you say about it being easier to put on than take off, its a bugger is'nt it. ;)
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avonne54 wrote: hello everyone i am avonne54 from South Carolina :-6
Welcome Avonne-----------are you having a weight problem?
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Hi Avonne! Welcome to FG. There is lots of support to be had here, and lots of fun, too. As for your weight loss plans...Drink LOTS of water. I read somewhere that when you think you feel hungry, a lot of times you are actually dehydrated.

Also, breaking up meals into several small ones, (even 5 or 6) a day is reccommended. When you snack, eat fruit, raw veggies, and reward yourself once in a while. Starving is never a good plan, so don't think that will help you! There are several folks here in medical fields and will probably have more (and better) information than I do. Good luck, stay around, and let us know how you're doing! :yh_peace
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Hi Avonne and welcome to the garden. My husband is diabetic as was my dad. My husband ate more on his "diet" than he normally did. The key is to eat 6 small meals, and eat the right stuff. Has the doctor sent you to a dietician? You'd be amazed how much you can eat and still lose weight. You will learn what foods your body will and will not tolerate. My husband can eat tons of pasta and barely raise his sugar, but just a little rice sends it through the roof.
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avonne54 wrote: hello i am new to this forumGarden i am looking for support for

weight lost.
Over a period of 5 or 6 years I put on about 35 lbs. Some of it bulk because of doing physicalwork,, However I have been very unhappy about it. A doctor friend of mine explained to me how losing weight has to become a mission. Today is my 14th day of sticking to not a diet... But a total lifestyle change regarding food and the way I live. I am having a ball with this. Its actually fun. And once the days start rolling by.. you find you dont want to blow it. Once you start picking up jars in the supermarket, and reading the calories, fat content etc... you will be amazed at how much you were eating and didnt even know it. I was putting the equivilent of a meal in my coffee because of my best friend Half and Half. Read about nutrition and weight loss... the facts are simple and fascinating. I have had to embrace many concepts I had constantly been told , but stubbornly rejected.

Like... You must drink water.. You must eat breakfast..Dont eat at night etc....

I have also started going to the Y to swim and use the treadmill. Started slowly, One mile a day. I dont know how old you are.. Im 53. It becomes more of a challenge to reprogram your body at this age because of hormones, and slower metabolic rate.. but it can be done. You dont have to starve.. and you can have better health as well as weight loss. I have listened to all the popular diets, and have rejected them all, Your plan is a personal plan.. I gave up coffee.. because it did nothing for my enjoyment without the half and half. And that had to go.

I eat oatmeal, fruit. herbal teas... Tuna. flounder. turkey and chicken. Vegetables,

lower calorie soups. No cream. salad dressing, mayonnaise, butter etc.. Of course no dessert. No red meat.. There are plenty of items for snacks when hungry. Melba toast is my new best friend. The trick is to make different choices.. more valuable ones.. The trick is to look at food like fuel. not as a hobby. Ive learned that the instant gratifications of putting something in your mouth.. isnt worth the miserable shopping trips where you cant find pants that fit. Start reading about nutrition, vitamins herbs, needed supplements and the newly discoverd awareness regarding elimination of waste.. youll be hooked. Good Luck.. This is day one.. two weeks from today youll be on your 14th day.. YEAH!!!!!
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Weeder has some great advice there. I would add join a gym .. ask for a personal trainer to help you set up a workout regime. They are more than happy to help you out. As far as eating habits go.. myself I subscribe to the anything in moderation theory. I don't deny myself anything but I don't go eat a tub of Ben and Jerry's Phish Food at one sitting. Definately pay attention to food labels.. for example.. alot of foods that are labeled low fat or no fat have extra sugars and sodium.. that his how they make up for the lack of flavor. Eat lots of veggies, poultry, fish, grains, fruits. I still do like my red meat but I select the less fatty cuts.. pay attention to your cooking methods.. and what you use.. less butter.. subsitute chicken stock for milk in mashed potatoes.. little things like that add up .

so you know.. I am 45... ex smoker (20+years) 6ft even.. 215 ( and yes, according to the BMI I am over the limit too but then again.. let them keep up with me then they can tell me I am fat). I work out 3-4 days a week at the gym.. downhill ski (soon to be snowboarding) in the winter.. hike.. bicycle (road and mountain) in the summer.. walk alot.. and just pay attention to what I eat.. you can do this.. just put your mind to it.. say I want to change.. and keep telling yourself that. stay positive.. it will be alot of hard work but you will gain soooo much in the end.. better health.. more self confidence.. keep us posted and let us know how you are doing..

be well and have a great weekend..
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Soup is a good way of getting nutriton. If you go to the store and buy yur soupthen expect the weight gain to continue. Make your own soups with the vegetables that you want. You will find them lighter, more tsty and invigorating. It willgive you the want to go walking attitude as the old ft slips off and out of the system because your eating habits are no longer feeding the fat. Stay away from condiments. Canned foods are full of garbage and chemicals that are unhealthy. Eat fresh and you will be refreshed by the new lifestyle that should include exercise.

Good luck and think fresh.
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I lost 45 pounds by eating 5 small meals a day and PUSHING BACK when I was full. Of course the chemo didn't hurt the situation any - other than the steroids they gave me.
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Hi Avonne,

I've lost 4 stone with weightwatchers, it's really easy to follow and the diet is ok for diabetics,

Good luck with your diet:D

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