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269 Animals.....


Aug 13, 2018 - 3:35 PM - by Ahso!
I received a spam call earlier. The guy had a midwestern accent.

Me: Thank you for calling Wood's Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, this is Bob, how may I help you.

Caller: Hi Bob, this is Tom with blah blah company calling on behalf of Lancaster Golf Course. I'm trying to find out who to speak to regarding advertising for your business.

me: That would be Jesus, have you prayed and asked him what our advertising budget is?
... [Read More]
    4 Replies | 114 Views

Another Apology

Aug 11, 2018 - 2:52 PM - by Bryn Mawr
Bryn Mawr's Avatar
The database went down again :-(

All fixed now but we will investigate why and how we can stop it happening again.
    3 Replies | 116 Views

Is this the Far Right ?

Aug 06, 2018 - 12:11 PM - by Bruv
Bruv's Avatar
Socialist London bookshop Bookmarks was attacked over the weekend by a "far-right mob" and is now calling for solidarity following the "Nazi attack".

By the nonsense the gobby cameraman was shouting they aren't too bright, which is all the more frightening.
    8 Replies | 166 Views


Aug 04, 2018 - 1:32 AM - by zurich
I'm not sure whether I've mentioned the boy backpacking but since I'm typing I'll put up a thread. He's been out along bridleways and rural footpaths and he likes it. I've carried camping gear and he likes nights out in a tent too. We're building up from there.

Being seven he can't carry anything heavy. Experimenting, he can take 2.5 kilos with no trouble. Anything over 3 kilos seems excessive, I weigh his pack at the door to make sure 2.5 is the limit. In American that's 5.5... [Read More]
    17 Replies | 350 Views

OH my goodness you poor things

Aug 03, 2018 - 2:08 AM - by magentaflame
magentaflame's Avatar
I just found out how bad your summer has been guys..... sorry to hear.

Yes of course I can sympathize now. I'm seeing your temperatures...I'll try to give some advice that is second nature to me to stay safe and cool.

First something I've been told since a child......DO IT!!!!! you'll thank me ...sunburn during those temps are a trip to hospital!!!

If you... [Read More]
    6 Replies | 189 Views

Sometimes it's good to be the king. :)

Jul 27, 2018 - 3:12 PM - by magentaflame
magentaflame's Avatar
Woke up at Five this morning to a beautifully clear star filled sky on the Gippsland coast. The southern cross lowering on the horizon just above the ocean. The Milky way strewn across the sky like someone had taken a giant paint brush filled with glitter paint and brushed a continuos line from horizon to horizon. And the moon...a beautiful eclipse of the moon....two hours later it was still there . From darkness and an orange red ball, to a soft pink sitting in a pale marine blue sky.
... [Read More]
    13 Replies | 411 Views

A new experience

Jul 26, 2018 - 2:43 PM - by Bruv
Bruv's Avatar
I am at this moment in Wembley spending a night at a hotel due to an early start tomorrow attending my wife's grandson at auditions for.........X Factor.

They don't give any timetable, just say 8.30 till late. As we were booking in, just across the street to the Arena there was a queue snaking for about 100 yards in a double loop at about 8.50 pm.

So tomorrow will be a long long day.

The irony is I am not a fan of the bloody programme, it is one of... [Read More]
    11 Replies | 352 Views

Healthcare in the USA

Jul 26, 2018 - 9:53 AM - by LarsMac
LarsMac's Avatar
Well, this last few months have been an adventure.
Mrs Lars finally had her long time heart issues catch up with her back in March.
We ended up dealing with a severe Staph infection that caused her to need open-heart surgery, and eventually a pacemaker installed.

Fortunately, I had excellent health insurance through my work. Our out of pocket for the whole thing was a mere fraction of the whole bill (Which we are still working on totaling up.) Suffice to say... [Read More]
    17 Replies | 504 Views

“The UK Parliament is sovereign, the Scottish Parliament is not.”

Jul 25, 2018 - 2:18 PM - by gmc
Some of you may be aware there is a rather important case at the supreme court at the moment as to whether powers currently with the eu on matters that are devolved to the scottish parliament should be returned to that parliament - westminster has taken claim over them the crux of the case put by the uk government is that “The UK Parliament is sovereign, the Scottish Parliament is not.”

Leaving aside the scottish issue for the moment perhaps the most galling aspect of Lord... [Read More]
    8 Replies | 297 Views

May in Europe: Nobody move or the ****** gets it.

Jul 23, 2018 - 7:02 AM - by Clodhopper

That's pretty much what the Brexit threat to leave the EU without a deal really is, especially after the EU/Japanese deal and the deal Germany has made with China.

...I doubt the EU will be fooled.

edit: It's also a moment of comic genius. ... [Read More]
    0 Replies | 248 Views

20th July apology

Jul 21, 2018 - 4:39 AM - by spot
spot's Avatar
The site suffered a major database error yesterday and it has taken a while to bring it back online. I apologize, it caught me at an unfortunate time and Bryn's on his boat with no computer.

The cache problem persists and still requires a page reload to see changes during the previous five minutes, it's on my list.
    5 Replies | 389 Views


Jul 17, 2018 - 1:02 PM - by gmc

If you see a deer SWIMMING why would you assume it is in difficulties? Did they think it had fallen in or something? caught by the tide when in for a paddle. I've seen a herd of deer swimming from the mainland to skye you... [Read More]
    14 Replies | 467 Views

Still relevant after all these years.

Jul 15, 2018 - 2:28 PM - by gmc
    1 Reply | 206 Views

Helsinki Summit

Jul 15, 2018 - 1:49 PM - by Clodhopper
Too important not to have a thread of its own.

Now my understanding is that not only are 12 Russians indicted but US intelligence services are currently warning that the Russians intend to interfere in the mid terms.

If Trump goes in and complains seriously about these matters and the Novichok use and the Crimea and Ukraine I'll be reassured. If he disappears off and has a buddy chat he's at best a fool and at worst a traitor.

The only question in my mind... [Read More]
    15 Replies | 638 Views

Where's Spot

Jul 14, 2018 - 7:06 PM - by magentaflame
magentaflame's Avatar
Well? Where is he?
    20 Replies | 733 Views

World Cup 2018 Russia

Jul 14, 2018 - 6:24 AM - by Clodhopper
I had a visit from my somewhat Russian friend. He told me two little stories relating to the world cup that might be of amusement:

1) The bids for this world cup went in 5 years ago. Putin started building the stadia 6 years ago...(they needed new stadia - the Russian football federation did not have ones that were up to standard and no way would Putin have spent the money unless he KNEW they would be needed)

2) Why has this World Cup been so lacking in trouble?... [Read More]
    2 Replies | 376 Views

Riots in N Ireland

Jul 14, 2018 - 4:47 AM - by Clodhopper
I hope this is an unnecessary thread that slides swiftly down the list and off the actives.

Unfortunately there has been a week of youths throwing petrol bombs at night in Republican areas. It is undoubtedly being driven by extremists and even someone like Gerry Adams has been targeted (he now counts as a moderate/traitor in the extremists' eyes).

The extremists are being attacked by Sinn Fein for using children as soldiers and hopefully the community can... [Read More]
    6 Replies | 293 Views

I bought a Bus to carry . . . . .

Jul 13, 2018 - 6:51 PM - by cars
cars's Avatar

. . . . all my Friends, all at the same time! (Couldn't get it to open automatically)


Attached Files
    4 Replies | 287 Views

Gansters? US ?

Jul 08, 2018 - 2:14 PM - by LarsMac
LarsMac's Avatar
BBC : Mike Pompeo says, "We're not Gansters"
"US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has dismissed accusations by North Korea that he engaged in "gangster-like" behaviour during a visit there."

And yet, on another front:
U.S. Opposition to... [Read More]
    11 Replies | 717 Views

I begin to see why the Orange Duke wants to keep Mexicans out of the US

Jul 08, 2018 - 2:06 PM - by LarsMac
LarsMac's Avatar
Link: Mexico Says ¡Basta Ya!

"Sunday’s election was, above all, a vote to punish the established parties, in a country where corruption has enriched a tiny elite and left half the population in poverty."

"...AMLO’s insistent calls to end the mafia del poder—in which two parties have alternated power, together with their corporate allies, since the end... [Read More]
    0 Replies | 188 Views

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